Chinese Language Program Short-term Study & Travel Program
The Chinese Language Program aims at promoting Chinese language outside of China and help people in other countries to acquire a better understanding of China and Chinese culture Any eligible foreigner may apply to International Student Office at Sichuan Technology and Business University.The academic year for this program is divided into two semesters:
(1 )Spring semester: Feb-Jun;
(2)Autumn semester: Sep- Jan.
Each semester consists of 12 weeks (4 class hours per day).
The lessons are taught by instructors from College of Humanities.

The focus of this program is to develop the students basic Chinese language skills through the exploration of the Chinese culture and traditional cross-cultural communication. The program will give the students a friendly and effective learning environment. We hope that the students will have a great experience on the summer study and travel program, which also give them the true ”bite of China” and enable them to peek into the true of China face.
Academic Activities
The international office will arrange different kinds of academic activities for the international students (e.g. Group discussion ,Academic workshops and seminars,etc.)
Culture Exchange and Communication
Culture exchange and visits designed by international office are always an unforgettable   
Memory for international students.
Preparing food for a traditional Chinese Festival,”Drama&Opera Night”

Students will be provided with on campus,shared or individual,en suite accommodation.All the accommodations students will have free Wi-Fi access for the students.Students will be given university cards which will enable to access the cafeteria for meals.

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