First International Exchange Work Coordination Meeting of ST

    The first international Education Exchange Department of STBU was held on December 11, 2017 at administration building 509 Chengdu Campus. The meeting was attended by vice chancellor professor Zhang Lida, vice chancellor Mrs. Hu Yan, heads of operation departments, Deans and staff of different departments, counselor representative. The meeting was broadcasted in Meishan campus via video conference at the same time.

    The theme was "building an open and international education platform" to promote the internationalization of higher education and implement the work of international cooperation in our college. This meeting was of great significance to update the concept of current situation of schools, build consensus, implement the preparation work, and comprehensively promote the reform and development.

    The deputy director Mr. Shakir Quresh of the International Exchange Office summarized the work of the year 2017 and outlaid the duties and responsibilities of every department for the future development. In 2017, the International Exchange Office achieved outstanding results, by achieving most of the targets, and it also started the first Chinese language and culture class for international students. Currently the language class has 30 students in total. These students come from Algeria, Bulgaria, Morocco, Pakistan, Syria, and the USA. It is the first time for a private institute in Sichuan province to recruit such a number of international students. Mr Shakir, also distributed and set work task of next year, requiring each department and staff to quickly react and grasp the opportunity to further develop the international exchange work and promote internationalization on campus.

    Mr. Guo Bin, director of admission office, also shared his thoughts. Mr. Guo made several suggestions for the international class and double diploma program. He proposed to make full use of the new media to carry out effective publicity, and improve the advisory inquiry function. The marketing of STBU should be done in an efficient way to ensure that the required results are achieved. He emphasized on the use of the latest media to get better results.

    Towards the end of the meeting, vice chancellor professor Zhang Lida, made the concluding remarks. He pointed out that, in accordance with the concept of "community of common destiny" proposed by the CPC in its nineteenth congress meeting, we should establish a great ambition to contribute wisdom and strength to human peace and development, to build a "local, application-oriented" University. He also put forward the following requirements for next works. One is to speed up to set up recruiting preparatory class for studying abroad in 2018, clearing their duties. Secondly, according to the work task of decomposition, every department should study immediately and carry out the responsibility. Thirdly, broaden the scope of admissions by doing international exchanges and cooperations, so as to realize the expansion of space. We should fully dig the high quality and high level resources of foreign countries and build up a professional platform of education teaching research and research with high professional characteristics as soon as possible.