Our Mission
Establish and maintain performance standards
Provide professional enhancement activities for the teaching staff
Develop a research program about language teaching and learning
      At the Language Center,we equip all our students to have a foreign language capability that complements their academic program and empowers them to live,work,study,and research in a foreign country.STBU students need to be able to initiate interactions with  persons from other cultural backgrounds but also to engage with them on matters of mutual concern.

       In order to accomplish this goal for STBU students,the Language Center is proficiency-oriented and standards-based.A proficiency orientation refers to emphasize on doing rather than knowing.We try to make sure that students learn to speak,listen,read,and write in ways that are immediately useful in a real world setting.Based in research and theory on language and on discourse functions,this orientation is adaptive,compensatory,and developmental,not additive.Standards-based refers to the National Standards on Foreign Language Learning that attend not only to linguistic dimensions,but also to connections that learners make between languages,cultures,and various academic areas; comparisons between languagesandcultures;and aknowledge of comnities that speak a particular language.Our programs are attentive to the pragmatics of each language and culture and respectul of the relationship between genre and function.

Teachers' Class

 Students' class