Summer Holiday Tips

Dear all students:
Happy summer holiday! In order to ensure a safe and blissful holiday and a smooth transition back to studies, we offer you some holiday tips as follows:

I. The schedule of summer holiday and the opening
The schedule of the 2018 Summer Holiday is from July. 16th to Aug. 31st, 2018. Chinese language students will begin classes on Sep.3rd Monday. If you can’t come back to campus on time, please ask for leave in advance.

II. On-duty Arrangement of International Office
During summer holiday, teachers from International Office will be on duty in turns. Our on-duty office hour is from Monday to Friday, 9 am. to 11:30 am, 2:30 pm. to 5:00 pm. If you have any problems, please feel free to contact us. The teachers on duty is arranged as follows:

July.16, 2018-Aug. 5, 2018     
Aug. 6, 2018-Aug. 31, 2018
Security Office:87953076   (24 hours open everyday) 

III. Arrangement of on-campus service
On Chengdu campus, you can eat at No.3 cafeteria during summer holiday. Other canteens are closed.

IV. Safety Advice

1.Pay attention to your visa status
Please check the validation of your visa. If it’s going to expire, please contact on-duty teacher.

2.  Pay attention to personal and property safety
When travelling or returning home, please book tickets from reliable companies and keep in touch with your families. When you go out, bring your passport with you and keep it well. Don’t reveal your personal information to strangers, take care of personal belongings, and pay attention to personal safety.

3.  Pay attention to dormitory safety
If you leave campus during summer holiday, please place personal belongings properly and take valuables with you; please switch off all power, keep the room clean, close door and windows  before you leave.
Students staying at school during summer holiday please pay attention to fire prevention, theft prevention, and the use of electricity. Students must comply with university dormitory management regulations. The use of dangerous electrical appliances and open fire is prohibited. Students are not allowed to keep anyone overnight in his/her room, or sublease the room to any other person. Any activity that may affect others’ rights is prohibited in the residential areas.

If there’s any emergency, please contact with our dormitory management staff or on-duty teachers.

Wish you all a wonderful summer holiday!