Time of Enrollment

An academic year consists of Spring and Autumn semesters.

Spring semester*
March to July
Autumn semester**
September to January

*Application Deadline:10th ,Jan.
**Application Deadline:

Application Procedures 

1、When to apply
Applicants of either, STBU long-term programs or short-term programs should submit their application three months prior to the beginning of a new semester in order to avoid any delays.

2、How to apply
Please download the STBU Application Form for foreigners wishing to study in China or contact International office,fill in the form as required and email it along with other necessary documents to international@stbu.edu.cn Admission will be determined after the verification and appraisal of the application documents.Successful applicants will be notified in due time.
3、Application Prerequisites
Applicant must be non-Chinese citizens in good health, with valid passport, above the age of 18 and below 60,and should abide by Chinese law and the regulations of STBU.They should also respect Chinese social customs and code of conduct.                                                                                   
4、Materials to be submitted

(i)、Non-degree students

STBU Application Form 

●Copy of passport (photo page)

●Original Admission Letter from Sichuan Technology and Business University

●Four photos size 2.5cmx1.6cm

●Original Health Check Form

●Registration Fee, Tuition Fee & Accomodation Fee (if accomodation is required) 

●Signed copy of the STBU Regulations

(ii)、Undergraduate students

STBU Application Form 

●Official Transcript from High School (notarized copy)

●Copy of passport (photo page)

●Original Admission Letter from Sichuan Technology and Business University

●Four photos size 2.5cm× 1.6cm

●Original Health Check Form

●Registration Fee, Tuition Fee & Accomodation Fee (if accomodation is required)

●Signed copy of the STBU Regulations

According to the requirement of Chinese government, all students studying in China must enroll in the group comprehensive medical insurance. Students who can provide evidence of medical insurance from home can apply for a waiver.

Insurance RMB 600/year

Dormitory Standards
To create a favorable environment for international students, there are dormitories for international students on both campuses of STBU with staff on duty 24 hours a day.

Room Facilities
Standard Room
(2 pupil shared)
Air-Conditioner,WiFi, in-room drinking water filter etc.
Single Room Air-Conditioner, WiFi, in-room drinking water filter etc. 

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